Board Position

Board Member

Member Agency

Chairman of the Board Peggy Tobin Trice ATF
President John Gray Warr Acres Police Dept. 
Vice President Mark Girten Bethany Police Dept. 
Administrator Tammie Reeder  OCPD
Sgt. at Arms  Curtis Underwood Lawton Police Dept. 
Central Region Director Darron Neals Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office
NW Region Director  Larry Lee  Harper County Sheriffs Office
SE Region Director Justin Dodson Poteau Police Department
SW Region Director  RC Roberts  District III Task Force
NE Region Director  Rusty Brown  Tulsa Police Department
Board Member  Brandon Baxley  Edmond Police Department
Board Member  Chad Johnson OBN
Board Member  Brian Anderson ATF
Board Member  Richard Harris Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau
Board Member  Carrie Croy DOC
Board Member  Paul Reynolds Canadian County Sheriffs Office
Board Member  Jeff Morefield  Edmond Police Department

Our Mission

To train and educate Law Enforcement, Communities Leaders, and Educators of the presence of gangs within our community.

One of the ways in which OGIA can assist these officers is by hosting annual training conferences. Experts in the field of gang activity are brought in from throughout the country to share their knowledge and experience with our members. The information provided to our members through the annual conference is passed on to the citizens of their communities in a variety of ways.

OGIA Members

Our members speak at community groups and schools, meet with parents and school officials, and compile a handout that is given free-of-charge to these groups. OGIA has sponsored conferences for educators and school administrators, and hosted one-day conferences for both law enforcement and concerned citizens throughout the year.