Oklahoma Regions

Gang Information By Region

Central Region Information

The Central Region consists not only of Oklahoma City but also the surrounding suburban cities such as, Midwest City, Del City, Norman and Edmond to name a few.  The gang problem has spread into every one of these communities.   We have over 100 different gang sets in the area with an estimated gang population of 8,000.  Our drive-by shootings have tripled since 2000.  The majority of our shootings seem to be triggered either from a dispute over a female or a drug deal gone bad.  After the initial shooting then it becomes a set vs. set issue.  Additionally, we have seen assault rifle shootings drastically increase in recent years. 

In the past few years we have seen a huge increase in gang violence, particularly in the Hispanic gangs.  Our three largest Hispanic gang sets are the South Side Locos (SSL), Grande Barrio Centrale (GBC) and the Juaritos who also go by Grande Barrio Loco (GBL).  These three gangs have a combined membership of over 1,500.  Since the summer of 2003 we have experienced a marked increase in the gang homicides between these groups with some being directly tied to the Varrio Tortilla Flats gang out of LA. 

The other three largest gangs in the region are the 107 Hoovers,  Westside Rolling 60’s and the Rolling 90’s.  These three have in excess of 300 members each.  Of these three the 107 Hoovers are the most active and violent.  They are engaged in heavy drug dealing and numerous shootings and assaults.  Due to their aggressiveness they have been retaliated upon in recent months with the result being several of them being murdered in about a one month time span.  More recently the 107 Hoovers and the Shotgun Crips have been involved in an ongoing war with the two Neighborhood sets. This began over drug turf and has now erupted into a full scale war. There have been numerous homicides, ADW’s and drive by shootings related to this dispute.

North Eastern Region Information

The north eastern region consists of Tulsa and the surrounding communities including Okmulgee, Muskogee and Bartlesville. The largest gang in the area is the Hoover Crips. Their main sets are the 107, 54,63, 57 and 27. Most of their disputes are with the Neighborhood Crips involving homicides, shootings and fights at the schools. During the summer of 2008 Tulsa saw 4 gang related murders involving the Hoover Crips, Neighborhood Crips and the Bloods.

Tulsa Crips and Blood gangs are not traditionally turf based. The sets will move thought Tulsa to further their criminal enterprise. We are also seeing the Crips gangs move into a high-bred style where the younger generation trying not to align with Hoover or Neighborhood but just using the Crip. There has been an increase of Blood gang members being seen on the streets of Tulsa. 

Folk Nation Gangster Disciples are becoming more prevalent in Tulsa and most are aligning with the Crip sets.

In the past few years Tulsa has seen a huge increase in the Hispanic gangs. Most of the gangs members are connected to the Surenos and recently seeing more Nortenos tagging. The Latin King population is also quickly growing and appears to be aligning with the Juaritos.

Southwest Region

The Southwest Region consists not only of Lawton, Ok but also surrounding towns and areas of Altus, Duncan, Admore, Elk City, and Chickasha . There are an estimated 4,000 gangs members in the Region. The Southwest Region has seven different gangs with numerous different sets. The seven gangs are Crips, Bloods / Piru, Folk Nation, Peoples Nation, Sureno's, Outlaw Motorcycle Bikers (OMG), and White Supremacist. In the Southwest Region, gangs are not traditionally territorial or turf based. Gangs will travel from city to city. Gang members are using Social Media to communicate and do business. Southwest Region gang members are all about easy profit, guns, and drugs. Gang members are committing crimes from homicide to petty larceny.

The Top Crip sets in the Southwest Region are the 107 Hoover Crips, Neighborhood 90 Crips (NHC), Rollin 60's Crips, Main Street Mafia Crips, and the Fonshil Gangster Crips. The 107 Hoover Crips are the largest Crip gang in the Southwest Region. Southwest Region Crips are known for drugs, guns, and numerous homicide incidents. In the Southwest Region, the 107 Hoover Crips are enemies with the NHC 90 Crips and the Rollin 60's Crips. This has been an on going problem and war which had led to several homicide in the past years.

The Top Blood / Piru sets in the Southwest Region are the 456 Piru, the Outlaw 30's, 901 Bloods, Killer Insane Bloods (KIB), and the 580 Bloods. The Bloods / Piru's are increasing in numbers in the Southwest Region. Southwest Region Bloods / Piru have an on going war with Crips. The Bloods / Piru's have been involved in homicides, guns and drug incidents in the past years. The Bloods / Piru's in the area are working hard to be the largest gang by numbers and in drug and gun profits.

The Top Folk Nation set in the Southwest Region is the Gangster Disciples. The Top Peoples Nation sets in the Southwest Region are the Latin Kings and the Vice Lords.

The Top Sureno sets are the Southside Vato Locos, Southside Locos, and the Eastside Varrio Segundo (ESVS). Southwest Region Sureno's are also known as Sur 13. Sureno's are foot soldiers for the Mexican Mafia and run guns and drugs throughout our area. The Sureno's have been involved in homicides and major drug incidents in the past years.

The Top Outlaw Motorcycle Bikers are increasing in numbers in the Southwest Region. The two largest in the area are the Outlaws and the Bandidos. There are numerous different clubs that support the Outlaws and the Bandidos.